Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I’ve decided I’m going to try to go about this a couple of ways.  I’m going to try to make two posts each week.  One with pictures I have in my files and one of pictures taken that week.  We’ll see how that actually goes.  The following are from my archives.


I’ll start with my favorite selfie.  Our family moved to Ghana this past summer and I think this image perfectly captured our excitement, right down to my son’s somewhat uncertain smile.  This was on moving day, the first leg of our flight.

This was the first leg of our flight on our move to Ghana

I got lucky with this one.  My daughter’s 3rd birthday.  I don’t think it needs a lot of explanation.  I love the dark to light and the colors of the balloons.

Celebrating her 3rd birthday

One from the monkey sanctuary in Tafi Atome.  This guy just looks like he’s about to find some mischief.

Looking for action

I caught this image one morning early in the school year.  My son comes in my classroom each morning before school starts.  At the beginning of the year he would often stand and watch the middle school kids as they arrived.  It was a tough time for him.  First year of kindergarten and in a new country.  This was right as he was breaking through the transition though.  He loves it now.

My son checking out his new school from inside my classroom



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