Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist





This one really challenged my creativity.  Here’s three that I think fit the bill.

I like to think these monkeys might have been doing the twist.

Monkey Twist


This stuff is everywhere around Accra.  Sometimes it creates some interesting patterns.


Twisted Wires

So the twist here is I have no idea who this guy is holding my kid. We were snapping some post game pictures at the National Stadium after watching the Black Stars play and everybody wanted a pic with the little Oburoni in his Black Stars kit.  This was the third or fourth guy he posed with.  My little buddy was a great sport about it.

Plot Twist

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

I’m a little late to this one.  Its been a busy week.  Here are a couple from a recent trip to Sankofa and one from our first travels here in Ghana

The kids were boogie boarding as these fishermen came in and caught their own wave.  That boat is deceptively heavy by the way.

Coming in

The ocean is the movement here.  A lucky shot of a guy looking out from the rubble of part of the old resort down the beach.

The Ocean

Moving slow through the floods just passing through the barrier on the George W. Bush highway headed for Accra.  This was our first real road trip and an interesting welcome back to the city.

Floods at Barrier

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

This one was tough.  Living in Ghana, there isn’t much of a distinction between seasons.  Plants bloom at different times of the year and fruits and vegetables go in and out of season, but there isn’t a real spring.  Its just hot.  I figured these couple of recent photos captured the idea well enough though.


We named this little guy that keeps showing up outside our door Scooter Bob.

Scooter Bob

My wife got a little help from our resident princess as they tried to inject some spring into our porch.Princess in the Garden