Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

I wanted something different for this post and I think I found it. Inspired by S’mores. The first container is for the campfire, and the second container is the graham crackers. The pictures might no be super artsy, but they do the trick to me. Man I like S’mores.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts





It strikes me as I write this, just how much contrast these two pictures carry on their own.  Two completely different worlds that I seem to live somewhere in between.


The first is the view outside my hotel room in Miami where I am for professional development this week.  I thought the on coming storm in the sky, the white buildings and the green course provided a great example of contrast.Miami

This second picture was taken in Peki, Ghana.  There are so many ideas of contrast within this pic to me. I love the collision of cultures here.  The differences but in the end the similarity of kids playing games.Peki