Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra



This photo might be lacking in quality, but I thought it fit the topic.  I spent the last two hours of a flight from Istanbul to Accra throwing up in the bathroom.  My daughter had also thrown up in her seat next to this man who instead of becoming upset, constantly checked on her and let her lie in his lap and sleep.  Definitely a little extra love from a stranger.

Kindess of a Stranger


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monuments


This week I’ll put it all together.  I couldn’t think of much in my archives with monuments that were too exciting.  Just not something I photograph too often.  But here are a couple of shots I like and a new one I took this week while traveling.


I love this photo.  This one is on the square next to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  We were there on an overnight layover.  After dinner my boy and I went back out to have a little kick around.



This was the Monument of the Discoveries in Lisbon.  A pretty cool spot with the Tower of Belem just down the water a bit.

Monument of the Discoveries

These last two go together.  Perhaps the most random monument I’ve seen.  This was outside a “beach club” on the Volta River in Ghana.  The owner of the place is Dutch and apparently therein lies the origins of this thing.



The Dukdalf The Dukdalf 2