Weekly Photo Challenge: Monuments


This week I’ll put it all together.  I couldn’t think of much in my archives with monuments that were too exciting.  Just not something I photograph too often.  But here are a couple of shots I like and a new one I took this week while traveling.


I love this photo.  This one is on the square next to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  We were there on an overnight layover.  After dinner my boy and I went back out to have a little kick around.



This was the Monument of the Discoveries in Lisbon.  A pretty cool spot with the Tower of Belem just down the water a bit.

Monument of the Discoveries

These last two go together.  Perhaps the most random monument I’ve seen.  This was outside a “beach club” on the Volta River in Ghana.  The owner of the place is Dutch and apparently therein lies the origins of this thing.



The Dukdalf The Dukdalf 2